A Simple and Sweet Baby Sprinkle

A Simple and Sweet Baby Sprinkle

I’ve probably hosted close to 20 celebrations since becoming a full-fledged adult. Whether bridal or baby, shower or sprinkle, I love a well-executed soiree. That being said, time is a bit more fleeting than it used to be. I don’t have as many hours to commit to vision boards and failed attempts at teaching myself calligraphy off of YouTube.


Here’s what I’ve learned as the Katherine Heigl of party-planning: a simple, more thoughtful event is often much more enjoyable than an elaborate occasion. Focusing on food, flowers and one decor element gives the host the opportunity to do it well (versus running around trying to juggle a dozen different things). Here are some pictures from a sweet sprinkle celebrating my friend Jeannie’s baby girl! I hope it gives you a bit of inspiration! xo


Photos by: Jessi Burrone Photography



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