Are you a Mother Lover?

Are you a Mother Lover?

If you’ve been following along on Unpacified, you probably know where I stand on this whole #Momlife experience. Bottom line? Becoming a mother is a beautiful thing, but being a mother is not always easy.


And for the young women in our foster care system, it’s nearly impossible. Without the proper resources, support and education, many of those young women struggle to care for their babies and many lose their own children to the system…and the cycle continues.


Here are the facts: More than 25% of all young women in foster care will be pregnant by age 17, and of those women, 40% will have their second child before the age of 20. And of the children born to teen mothers, 66% of them will become teen parents themselves.


But here’s the silver lining: We can do something.


Beyond Yoga is teaming up with Alliance of Moms, a philanthropy founded in 2014 by five women who have come together to end to the intergenerational cycle of babies born to young women in foster care. It is a group that not only I’m involved with, it is one that I am so proud to support.


On Sept. 27, Beyond Yoga will launch the AOM “Mother Lover” collection, Fir each item purchased, Beyond Yoga is donating $5 to Alliance of Moms to continue their work.


Through educational events, workshops and mentor programs for pregnant and parenting women in foster care—like Raising Baby, Raising Foodies, and Mama + Babe—Alliance of Moms is offering these young mothers the tools they need to be the best parents they can be.


Alliance of Moms is giving these women the greatest gift any young mama could ever receive…a bright, hopeful future for their children.


To learn more or how to help, please go to


And don’t forget to support this cause and become a real MOTHER LOVER.





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  • Christiane

    February 25th, 2018 9:29

    Amazing! Thank you for making a difference. I should find out if we have similar programs in my city.


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