Throw a D-I-Y Pity Party

Throw a D-I-Y Pity Party

Photo Nov 06, 8 29 30 PMSometimes the best gift a friend can give another friend is pity. Sounds crazy, right? But honestly, there is something super cathartic about taking time to feel sorry for yourself…and to have someone to wallow with is just icing on the “Everything Sucks” cake.


A pity party is therapeutic. I can pout, complain, eat sugary treats, and drink champagne with reckless abandon. But after my little bender, I’m done. I’ve stomped all my stubborns out, cried all my crazies out and then I’m ready to tackle whatever is in front of me. For me, being able to have a good old-fashioned pity party now and again is really healthy. Instead of allowing my rain cloud to follow me around for a few days, or even a few weeks, I can get it all out before hitting the refresh button. Not to mention, it’s much easier to sweat out one day of binge eating/ drinking than two weeks worth of grazing.


Photo Aug 12, 5 19 07 PMPhoto Aug 12, 5 16 29 PMPhoto Aug 12, 3 37 29 PM


Photo Aug 12, 2 33 05 PM

For this shoot, I was inspired by my own memories of high school. Whether it was a teacher who was harping on me, a bad grade, a fight with a friend, or a break-up…nothing cures a sour attitude like bright, cheerful funfetti cake, donuts, and party hats. And if you’re going to have a loser-y chic soiree, why not photograph it…and drink champagne? “My partner in crime, Lauren, was all too eager to join my sad sack festivities.

Photo Aug 12, 3 13 22 PMPhoto Aug 12, 2 42 28 PM

Photo Aug 12, 5 08 38 PM


We ordered up a bunch of delicious, delectable “woe is me!” desserts from our favorite baker, Lauren Lowstan.

  • “Everything Sucks” Melted Rainbow Vanilla Layer Lollipop Cake
  • “We’re the Worst” Chocolate Donuts
  • Frosted Dip Potato Chips
  • “No Unicorns!” Sheet Cake
  • Funfetti Nachos with Frosting Dip

Photo Aug 12, 2 17 47 PM

Photo Aug 12, 4 57 48 PM Photo Aug 12, 4 56 34 PMPhoto Aug 12, 4 55 03 PM


Top that off with some festive, melancholy foil balloons, lopsided garland, paper party hats, expressive tees…and cases and cases of pink champagne, and you have a party worth sobbing over.

Photo Aug 12, 2 40 54 PMPhoto Aug 12, 3 31 32 PM

What would you need to have at your pity party?! Tell me in the comments, and we’ll be sure to include it next time.


Photo Aug 12, 3 38 51 PM

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