The Unpacified Mama’s Hospital Bag Checklist

The Unpacified Mama’s Hospital Bag Checklist

Admittedly, I’ve been known to over prepare. While being ready for anything is usually a good thing, I’ve wasted hours of my life planning for all those “unpredictable situations” that never actually arise. When my daughter was born, I brought more luggage to the hospital that most Real Housewives bring on a weeklong vacation. For my second time around, I’m really hoping to condense my “essentials” list and only bring those things I feel I’ll really need (or really want).  Here’s my list of Hospital Bag essentials for new mamas:


For Mama:

___ Comfy Nursing Bras (2-3)

___ Nursing Tops

___ Cozy Leggings

___ Nursing Nightgown

___ Postpartum Undies (that you won’t mind trashing afterward)

___ Robe

___ Pillow from home

___ Towel (the ones at the hospital are like sandpaper)

___ Non-Skid Socks

___ Slippers

___ Flip flops (if you get weird about showers)

___ Nipple Cream / Balm (hospitals provide, but I liked my hippy organic brand so much better)

___ Nipple Shields (some people/nurser don’t approve in the early days, but do what’s best for you…they saved my life when my nipples nearly fell off.)

___ Sore Nipple Cups (chafed nipples on the softest cotton can still feel torturous.)

___ Nursing Pads

___ Colace/ Magnesium Supplement (just trust me)

___ Nursing Pillow

___ Small Travel Pillow (it helps with the incision pain for those women having C-Sections)

___ Phone and Charger

___ Camera and Charger (if you’re old school)

___ Travel-Sized Hair and Body Produces (shampoo, conditioner, face and body wash)

___ Body Lotion

___ Face Cream

___ Make-up Removing Wipes

___ Toothbrush and Toothpaste

___ Dry Shampoo

___ Hairbrus and hairties

___ Deodorant

___ Small Bag of Cosmetics (while not necessary, if you plan to do any photos or see any guests, it might be nice to have the option of a small touch up for those under eye bags)

___ Going Home Outfit

___ Entertainment (Books, Magazines, Games, iPad)

___ Snacks

___ Water Bottle

___ Champagne


For Baby

___ Newborn Swaddle

___ Receiving Blanket

___ Muslin

___ Kimono Outfits (these are so much easier than over the head options, and two pieces allows for the air to hit the umbilical cord and promote faster healing.)

___ Hats

___ Newborn Socks and Mittens

___ Pacifiers (same school of thought as the nipple shields)

___ Announcement Props (because you know you want to…)

___ Infant Car Seat

___ Going Home Outfit

Did I forget something? Comment below with any suggestions or questions!





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1 comment
  • MAndy

    May 21st, 2018 10:42

    I say ditch the underwear/pads completely and just get depends disposable underwear (aka lady diaper). I did that with my 1st son and I’ll definitely be doing it this time around. Throw the ice pack and tucks pads in there then spray your whoo-ha with dermoplast and you are golden! Comes time to go to the bathroom and change pads you literally just throw the entire thing away and start fresh!! I recommend it to every pregnant friend I have.


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